2021 Emerging Artist Grants

We intended to award two grants of $500 each to emerging artists in 2021, but there were so many terrific proposals that we increased the number of recipients to FOUR.

Anne Feller, Christy Nelson
Deanne Row, and Janet Sandø-Healey 

Click on their name to learn more about these talented artists.

We look forward to seeing what they accomplish!

* * * 

This grant is for artists of any age who are early in their career. The funds can be spent on anything that will support your growth —workshops, supplies, or help in mounting an exhibition—whatever benefits you at this time!  This grant is NOT for teaching artists or established artists. It is for those just finding their way in their career. 

These are competitive grants.  We want to see your website, your resume, images of your work, and a statement of what you would do with the money if awarded the grant.   Also, for all competitive grants, there is a requirement that you are a current member of IEA (with up-to-date dues) and that you maintain your membership for one full year following the grant year.  You agree to report back to IEA with the results of your grant (what you did, how it worked out for you and how it helped advance your career).   IEA has permission to use your images and report in its publications and marketing. There is a limit of one competitive grant every two years. (The open-to-all drawings do not count for this.)   

Emerging Artist Grant Recipients

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