Meet Lonnie Zarem, IEA Mentor

Lonnie Zarem

What Lonnie Zarem offers her mentees:

Lonnie Zarem is a professional artist whose core strengths are translating an idea or inspiration into an image by continuously exploring innovative materials and processes. For the last 15 years she has been developing energetic, expressive encaustic monotypes as her primary area of focus.

Her strengths as a mentor lie in listening, communicating, encouraging, and respectfully offering direction by providing new inspiration, through personal example, by considering other artist approaches and relevant art history, and constructive feedback. She will direct the development of achievable goals, a plan for a productive art practice, and a portfolio of work. Additionally, she will help define and develop strategies for future growth opportunities in the art world.

A successful mentee will have a genuine interest in sharing themselves and their work, a desire to keep learning and the openness to explore and advance their work. A mentee who appreciates shared experiences, exposure to new artists, materials and approaches, and looks to benefit from constructive feedback would be most at home with Lonnie. Communication, respect, and a sense of humor always contribute to a hearty working relationship.

About Lonnie

Lonnie Zarem is a professional artist and Instructor. For the last 15 years she has been creating expressive encaustic monotypes. Inspired by nature, she focuses on translating ideas into images by exploring innovative materials and processes. In a mentoring role, she would enjoy the opportunity to add to your daily practice, grow your portfolio of work, and increase your professional visibility. This would include sharing her experience, helping you find new inspirations, encouraging exploration, providing constructive feedback, and by developing marketing strategies to improve your representation in exhibitions, galleries and publications.

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