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Board of Directors

President:  Regina B. Quinn

Vice President:  Lyn Belisle

Treasurer: Mary Jo Reutter

Secretary: Rhonda Raulston

Membership Director: Mary Jo Reutter

Grants Director:

Exhibitions Director:  Melissa Stephens

Social Media Directors:  Regina B. Quinn

Tech Director: Rhonda Raulston

Executive Editor "Wax Fusion": S. Kay Burnett 

Members At Large:
Paul Kline, Michele Randall and Isabelle Gaborit


Membership:  MaryJo Reutter

Education & Professional Development:


Executive Editor "Wax Fusion": S. Kay Burnett 

Exhibitions & Events: Melissa Stephens

Social Media Team: Director:  Regina B. Quinn 
Team members: Ursi Lysser, Birgit Kentrat, and Caryl St. Ama.

Technical Help: Rhonda Raulston

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