Meet Ursi Lysser, IEA Mentor

Ursi Lysser

What Ursi Lysser offers her mentees:

Given the relatively limited awareness of encaustic art in Europe, Ursi undertook independent learning and research to acquire her expertise. With over a decade of experience, she now offers valuable support and guidance to emerging encaustic artists, drawing upon her extensive knowledge and skills.

Specializing in abstract art utilizing various materials such as building materials, paper, and found objects, Ursi pushes the boundaries by experimenting with unconventional substrates. Her mentoring sessions, conducted in either German or English via Zoom or in-person at her studio, foster an environment of openness to new ideas and materials.

Collaborating with mentees is deeply gratifying for Ursi, who considers it an integral part of her artistic journey.

About Ursi

Ursi Lysser, based in Oberaargau, Switzerland, is deeply immersed in the world of encaustic art. Alongside her studio practice, she imparts her expertise to aspiring artists seeking to integrate encaustic techniques into their unique styles. Furthermore, Ursi serves as an instructor at the Etter Art Academy in Germany and as a course and workshop teacher at a local school in Aarwangen.

Drawing from her previous life in England, Ursi finds inspiration in the past, particularly in old houses and walls, which she endeavors to incorporate into her artistic explorations. Her notable publications include  Vignettes in Wax and Words (2020), Wax Fusion (Fall 2023), and contributions to 'Encaustic Magazine' on a quarterly basis, alongside a German workbook titled 'Encaustic: Malen mit Feuer & Wachs' (ISBN 978-3-033-09183-2).

Ursi's artistic journey includes a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in visual arts, complemented by studies and workshops across the USA, England, Ireland, and Germany. Over the past four years, she has collaborated with European and American artists through the transatlantic project 21, culminating in exhibitions in Provincetown, USA, and Stade, Germany. Actively involved in the art community, Ursi holds memberships in the Swiss Society of Women Artists (SGBK), International Encaustic Artists, and IEA’s European Encaustic Artists chapter.

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