ConVergence - WAX ON THE WATER
Morro Bay, CA
April 5-13, 2022  

Oh we had fun!  

Our incredibly talented group of presenters included 

Lyn Belisle
Michelle Belto
S. Kay and Gerry Burnett
Pamela Smith-Hudson
Megan MacDonald
Lora Murphy

Michele Randall
Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
Caryl St. Ama
Dietlind Vander Schaaf
and a Surprise Guest Presentation by
Shary Bartlett

Heartfelt gratitude for the creative and sensitive filmmaking by Sean O'Grady at Seannie Cameras.  

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Thanks to the photographers:  Cheryl Lewis, Melissa Stephens, S. Kay Burnett & Rhonda Raulston

ConVergence Exhibition

Russell Gallery at Art Center Morro Bay in Morro Bay, CA.
April 7 - May 23, 2022

Juror:  Pamela Smith Hudson

CLICK HERE to see the online exhibition

Convergence Presentations, Demonstrations & Workshops

Shary Bartlett

~Favorite Things: Alcohol Inks, Water-soluble wax paints, fun tools and other encaustic delights

Lyn Belisle
~A Lotus from the Mud: Recycling & Book Making
~Postcards from the Verge - A Mixed Media Workshop for Every Creative Voyager

Michelle Belto 
~Authentic Art: Creating from the Inside Out
~Found Objects: Creating a Cabinet of Curiosities 

S. Kay & Gerry Burnett
~A Gargoyle in Paris: Creating 3-Dimensional Whimsical Characters

Megan MacDonald 
~Exploring Visual and Physical Texture
~Introduction to Encaustic Painting - Creating Visual & Physical Dimension in Wax 

Lora Murphy
The Gift - encaustic portrait demonstration

Michele Randall
~Cyanotype & Encaustic Fusion

Patricia Seggebruch

~Seeing With New Eyes
~Listen to Your Life: An Immersion into Intuitive Abstract Painting

Caryl St. Ama 
~R&F Pigment Sticks - 
What, When, How, Why!

& Karen Karlsson  
~R&F Pigment Sticks from Start to Print 

Dietlind Vander Schaaf
~Layers, Translucency & See Throughs 

RESOURCES mentioned in the presentations and workshops

Shary Bartlett

Artist Talks on You Tube
Diamond Core Tools
era Colors Waterborne Wax Paint

Lyn Belisle

·         The Lotus Book
·      The 30-Minute Chapbook

Michelle Belto

·         Accretion Tutorial
·         Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

S. Kay and Gerry Burnett

·         Creating Whimsical Characters using simple wood and paper forms, wire, paperclay and encaustic medium

Dietlind Vander Schaaf

·         Duralar Stencils (for working with encaustic):
·         Pan Pastels
·         Deco Foil
·         Vent-a-fume
·         Iwatani torch
·         R&F YouTube Channel for demo videos
·         R&F Resources
·         R&F Blog Unique Color

    Heartfelt gratitude to all of our wonderfully generous sponsors!  

    Congratulations to our 2022 Retreat Scholarship Winners!

    Philip Johnston and Kathy Bradshaw - Retreat Scholarship

    Liz Derivan-Hampton &  Connie Ehindero -  Workshop Scholarship

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