Meet Caryl St. Ama, IEA Mentor

Caryl St. Ama

What Caryl St. Ama offers her mentees:

As an artist and arts educator for over 40 years, Caryl St. Ama has the ability to communicate with both new students and accomplished artists alike. Caryl sees the beauty in other's work and gives each artist with whom she works individual attention and recommendations. 

Her knowledge about a wide range of media including encaustic, oil, watercolor, printmaking, drawing, figure drawing and installation are some of the strengths she brings to a mentoring relationship. As a college professor, Caryl assisted students with portfolio design, preparation of artwork for exhibition and designing gallery shows. As a teacher, exhibiting artist and workshop facilitator, Caryl is passionate about her role as an educator.

Caryl's expectations for a mentee are: 1. Commitment to the process; be prepared for the meetings. 2. Flexibility; be open to new ideas. 3. Openness; accept feedback & be honest with yourself and mentor. 4. Be Realistic; it takes time to develop a personal strategy and to develop a trusting relationship with your mentor.

About Caryl

Education: Claremont Graduate University - MFA, Studio Arts; Texas State University - BFA; Painting

Teaching: Glendale Community College - Chair of the Art Department, Gallery Director, initiated new course development; R&F Core Instructor since 2013; teaching workshops in encaustic, pigment stick and printmaking.

Exhibitions: Caryl has an extensive exhibition resume both national and international dating back to 1980. She was co-founder of the collaborative group Hana Kark and was granted a three month residency that culminated in a comprehensive gallery exhibition.

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