IEA 2021 Project Grant

IEA awarded four artists a $750 Project Grant

The projects that were submitted were so terrific that we couldn't decide on just three, so we added a 4th grant.  

Congratulations to Shanon Amidon, Kim Cardoso,
Giselle Gautreau and 
Matthew Jones.

This grant is for artists who are a bit more established in their careers and who would benefit from funding for a specific project or body of work.  We are looking for a solid body of work, and a solid history of growth as shown by exhibitions, representation, and/or recognition as a teacher or presenter. You must have a resume and a bio, as well as a website or, at a minimum, some sort of social media presence. You should also have a clear proposal for your use of the funds. Thoughtfulness of presentation will make a difference in how your application is scored. 

Check back for details on upcoming grants.

Project Grant Recipients

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