IEA 2021 Project Grant


IEA will award three artists a $750 Project Grant

This grant is for artists who are a bit more established in their careers and who would benefit from funding for a specific project or body of work.  We are looking for a solid body of work, and a solid history of growth as shown by exhibitions, representation, and/or recognition as a teacher or presenter. You must have a resume and a bio, as well as a website or, at a minimum, some sort of social media presence. You should also have a clear proposal for your use of the funds. Thoughtfulness of presentation will make a difference in how your application is scored.  

The deadline to apply is October 15th, and the winners will be announced soon thereafter.

We look forward to your seeing your applications.

Project Grant Recipients

  • 2021 -

  • 2020 - COVID hiatus

  • 2019 - Phyllis Bryce Ely
    2019 - Bridget Benton
  • 2018 - Erin Anfinson
  • 2018 - Sheary Clough Suiter
  • 2017 - Stephanie Hargrave
  • 2017 - Karen Bright
  • 2016 - Josie Rodriguez
  • 2016 - Patricia Baldwin                               Seggebruch
  • 2015 - Robin VanHoozer
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