IEA 2023 Project Grant

Announcing the 2023 Project Grant Awardees 

We thank all IEA artists who applied for this grant opportunity. We were very impressed by the quality of the submissions we received this year. Narrowing the many worthy applications down to just a few was a challenging task.

We are pleased to announce that the following artists will each receive $750 to support their diverse and exciting project proposals:

Alison Fullerton

Amanda Pierce

Melissa Rubin

Lonnie Zarem

Congratulations, Alison, Amanda, Melissa and Lonnie!

Click on the links to the right to learn more about these inspired artists.

We look forward to seeing your projects and sharing your work!

2023 Project Grants Application 

The deadline to apply was July 15, 2023

This grant is for artists who are a bit more established in their careers, and who would benefit from funding for a specific project or body of work. The application is simple and can be accessed here.  

You should have a clear proposal for your use of the funds.  We are looking for a solid body of work, and a solid history of growth as shown by exhibitions, representation, and/or recognition as a teacher or presenter. At a minimum, you should have a current website or some sort of active social media presence. You should have a resume and your bio should provide clear evidence that you have established yourself beyond the level of an emerging artist. Thoughtfulness and thoroughness of each presentation will make a difference in how your application is scored. 

The IEA Grants Committee seeks proposals that, if funded, would support the artist’s continued professional growth. Successful Project Grant applicants provide strong evidence in each of the following areas:

Proposed Use of Funds
The applicant clearly:
defines the project and how the proposed work extends or enhances the artist’s current work and includes a Plan of Action that seems reasonable for successfully carrying out the project
~ articulates why funding is needed, and the use and amount of funding seem reasonable for accomplishing the project
~ articulates the desired outcome for the project and the outcome seems likely to be accomplished as outlined in the proposal.

Quality of Artwork
The artwork samples included with the proposal are unique and compelling works in wax that demonstrate technical proficiency with wax media and the effective use of artistic elements such as composition, form, color, texture, and concept.

Career Path
The applicant is clearly an established artist with a record of exhibitions or teaching or, if early in their career, shows a strong trajectory. The professional history documented in the proposal suggests that the applicant will be able to bring the project to fruition.

NOTE:  These are competitive grants and there is a requirement that you are a current member of IEA (with up-to-date dues) and that you maintain your membership for one full year following the grant year.

CLICK HERE to access the application.  

Melissa Lackman
Grants Director 

Project Grant Recipients

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