Art Heals Grant #7

IEA is pleased to partner with
R&F Handmade Paints
for our ART HEALS Grant #7.   

Hope Hughes, Helen Laris, Kerri Nelson, Anne Strout, and Hilary Baker

We offered 5 grants of $200 each for the purchase R&F Handmade paint products (paint and pigment sticks) AND R&F is offered a very generous 40% discount to grant winners on their grant purchases.

The grant will be paid directly to R&F Handmade Paints, and the winners will be given instructions as to how to order their paint directly from R&F.  In addition, R&F Paints offered a free sample of a half-size pigment stick to every US resident who applied. 

As with all of our Art Heals Grants, this was open to any member of IEA who is current in their dues.  We are so excited and pleased to be able to offer this series of grants and we are

deeply grateful to R&F Handmade Paints for their generous partnership.

Art Heals Grant #6

Congratulations to Beate Bank
for winning Essence of Mulranny's year-long encaustic masterclass!!  

We look forward to seeing Beate's posts from this course.

We are very grateful for the generosity of IEA member, Lora Murphy.  

@Lora_Murphy_paintings and @eomstudios.

For information on Painting with Fire

Art Heals Grant #5

IEA is partnering with Truro Center for the Arts to give grants to attend
the International Encaustic Conference June 5th and 6th, 2021. 

This year the Conference is being offered as a virtual event, 
so attendees from all over the world can attend without the expense of travel. 

CONGRATULATIONS to the artists who will be attending the
International (Virtual) Encaustic Conference in June 2021

Hope Hughes, Liette Chamberland, Dee Hutton,
Melissa Rubin, Jamie McPhail, Tian Xun,
Salina Gracie, Beate Kratt, Anne McCune, Megan MacDonald.

We are pleased and excited to announce that IEA member Penny Gunderson 
was awarded 
Linda Robertson's 
3-month course, “Your Magical Lens”,
which begins on February 6, 2021.  
This grant is the 4th in our series of ArtHeals grants.

We look forward to seeing Penny's posts from this course.

Linda's course “Your Magical Lens” explores photography and encaustic.
We are very grateful to Linda for her generous offer.

You can find out more about it here:  


To view Linda's work, click here

IEA & Enkaustikos awards five Art Heals Grants

IEA, in partnership with Enkaustikos, is pleased to announce the winners
of the third of our “Art Heals” series of mini-grants.

Congratulations to

Kelly Austin-Rolo  /  Wendy Elliott-Pyle  /  Ursi Lysser  / 

Lorraine Gray  /   Penny Gunderson

The $200 grant will be paid directly to Enkaustikos, and the winners will receive an order form from Enkaustikos and will order directly from them.  

Enkaustikos has significantly increased the value of the grant by offering the paints at a 40% discount, which equates to more than $300 worth of product.  And they will cover the cost of shipping $200 worth of products to the winners living in the 48 contiguous states.  They will also pay half of the shipping costs for those living in Canada, Alaska and Hawaii.  Enkaustikos will contact international members directly with shipping costs.

Enkaustikos is also sending a free sample to all US-based entrants who would like to receive one. 

Enkaustikos offers four formats for their paints: 

  • Hot Cakes are in the tins for those who like to have the paint already melted.
  • Hot Sticks are the pastel size sticks that are ideal for people who want to try out a new color or who are into printmaking.
  • Wax Snaps are the larger bars that can easily be snapped if desired and a more economical way of working in comparison to the Hot Sticks. 
  • Original Cakes are one-ounce discs that are not in a tin, and they are available in 1, 4, 8, and 16oz increments. These are by far the most economical, especially when ordering larger quantities.

Enkaustikos will work closely with the grant winner to help them make the best choices. 

We are deeply grateful to Enkaustikos for their unstinting and inspiring generosity and for their unfailing commitment to IEA and the arts community.

We hope you and your loved ones are all safe and well.

The IEA Board 
Melissa Lackman, Director of Grants 

IEA, in conjunction with Shawna Moore, is pleased to announce the winners of 2nd "Art Heals" grant opportunity

We had such a wonderful response from our members for this special opportunity
that Shawna extended her generous offer to an additional five members - 10 video series in total! 
We are so grateful for Shawna's generosity and commitment to nurturing creativity
and connection in our global art family.

The winners receive Shawna's 4-video series, “Learning the Art of Encaustic Painting”,
plus written transcripts and technical sheets as part of our Art Heals Grants Program. 

Click HERE for a description of Shawna’s videos. 


Wendy Elliott-Pyle  

Isabelle Gaborit

Brenda Hurst  

Denise Karpowich  

Stacy Nixon  

Gail Steinberg  

Melissa Stephens  

Anne Strout  

Sheary Clough Suiter   

James Trask  

IEA, in conjunction with R&F Paints and Enkaustikos,is pleased to announce the winners of our
our first "ART HEALS" COVID-19 grants!

We were so pleased to be able to offer this opportunity to help our artists during this challenging time.   
The award winners not only span the globe, they display a wonderful diversity of styles and subject matter. 

We will be posting their new work as they share it with us, so check out our 
Facebook and Instagram pages for their work.

CONGRATULATIONS to our winners (scroll down to see their work and the list of names)

Judy Applegarth
Lydia Baker
Penny Gunderson

Barry Katz
Victoria Harrison
Lyn Kirkland 

Josie Rodriguez
Gina Louthian-Stanley
Mary Sullivan
Connie Wood

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