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IEA and Mulranny Arts (Ireland)
are co-hosting a collaborative juried exhibition -
"Ephemeral / Ephemera" 

October 10 - November 15, 2023 

"Ephemeral / Ephemera" IEA Juried Exhibition 2023: 
A special exhibition of small encaustic and cold wax works on paper
at Mulranny Arts in Mulranny, Ireland.

An object held within the hand can provide the proof of a lived experience. A blurred photograph, a hint of color, or recognizable outline may recall a moment from the past. Scraps of a life, objectively worthless, become precious artifacts, intentionally collected and preserved. The exhibit Ephemeral/Ephemera explores the fluid connection between the materiality of our lived experiences and the construction of memory.

The artists in Ephemeral/ Ephemera assembled their works using paper and encaustic or cold wax. Each piece fits within the dimensions of a standard shipping envelope and will be displayed in the gallery using simple magnets. These parameters suggest objects that may be fragile and temporary. However, the artists have produced works that are weighted with the universal emotions of pleasure, longing, and grief. The properties of wax, historically used as a preservative or balm, infuse the paper with strength while obscuring images with a hazy bloom.

Whether implied or implicit, the connection between all works in the exhibit is the emotional resonance given to fleeting moments, images, and scenes by those who cherish them.

-Michele Randall, Juror

‚ÄčWe are fortunate to have Michele Randall as our juror. She is an American artist, currently living and working in Pennsylvania. Randall earned a BA and Visual Arts MFA from Penn State University, Pennsylvania and has participated in group and solo exhibitions across the United States and Europe. 

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