Past Exhibitions

International Encaustic Artists was pleased to partner with
Tubac Center of the Arts to present “Metamorphosis”
a national juried exhibit of artworks created with encaustic,
hot, or cold wax paints, in 2D and 3D.

Exhibition dates: October 1 – November 14, 2021
JURORS: Susan Stover and Lisa Pressman

Six awards totaling $1200 were given.

IEA Juried Exhibition - "Vignettes in Wax and Words" 

An exhibition in Digital Magazine Format

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Juror: Lora Murphy
Juror Award recipients:   Lyn Belisle, Anne Curran, Andy DeWeerdt, and Otty Merrill

Congratulations to all the artists selected for this exhibition

Shary Bartlett

Lyn Belisle

Carolyn Berry

Susana F. Blanco

Maureen Outlaw Church

Anne Curran

Andy DeWeerdt

Katharine Dufault

Connie Ehindero

Phyllis Bryce Ely

Gretchen Forrest

Alison Fullerton

Penny Gunderson

Susan Hess

Bobbi Kilty

Beate Kratt

Whitney Krueger

Patricia Leeds

Ursi Lysser

Cynthia Makara

Anne McCune

Jamie McPhail

Otty Merrill

Kylie T Millar

Deborah Peeples

Tami Phelps

Amanda Pierce

Melissa Porter

Jennifer Pretzeus

Regina B. Quinn

Rhonda Raulston

Deanne Row

Melissa Rubin

Heidi Rufeh

Jean K Stephens

Nancy Torbitt-Stewart

Panto Trivkovic

Lara Williams

Shelley Wuitchik
Yulia Mamontova Zabrodina


International Encaustic Artists presents “Vignettes in Wax and Words” - their first international juried exhibition in digital magazine format   

Featuring 40 artists from 10 countries, International Encaustic Artists presents “Vignettes in Wax and Words” – their first virtual exhibition - to a global audience.  Juried by well-known encaustic artist, Lora Murphy, the exhibition will premiere on August 1, 2020, on International Encaustic Artists’ website.  The exhibition is free and available to the public and can be viewed at

International Encaustic Artists (IEA) is an association of artists who use wax (encaustic, cold wax, or any other wax-based medium) as primary elements in their work.  IEA is committed to supporting the growth and advancement of artists at all stages of their careers and providing opportunities and resources within a global community.

IEA President, S. Kay Burnett noted: “Last fall when we posted the call for entry for a digital-juried exhibition that would include encaustic and wax artists from around the world, we had no idea how timely it would be. We received a diverse and inspirational selection of entries that reflect this historic time we are living in - a shared voice using art and words that brings our global community together through art.” 

The exhibition combines a “vignette in wax” – which could be a painting, sculpture, assemblage or installation – with “and words” which could be any evocative description that describes or enhances the art.  The 44 works featured here reflect a wide spectrum of styles and techniques in 2D and 3D and illustrates how diverse and seductive wax can be. 

As Juror Lora Murphy observed:  “The standard of work was extremely high, and as I worked my way through the many submissions, I looked very closely at the words that accompanied the paintings and tried to experience the artists’ intent. I also considered the technical aspects of how this difficult medium was used. Looking at the overall design and composition of the artworks, I was truly humbled by the brilliance of many of these works. I spent a long time agonizing over my decisions and second-guessing my choices, but ultimately, I would be thrilled to own any of these works.  Truly, your Art is stellar!”

Lora was educated in Ireland, the United States, and Italy, where she earned honors degrees before training as an oil painter in a traditional atelier in Florence, Italy.  A professional artist, she works primarily in 

encaustic and mixed media and teaches at her vibrant and wildly popular art school Essence of Mulranny Studios in Mulranny County Mayo.  She has exhibited widely in Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, and the United States. 

For more information about Lora and her studio, please go to and

“Hope Springs”, Encaustic, collage on panel, 28 x 14 in
All rights reserved by the artist.

Juror Award recipients:   Lyn Belisle, Anne Curran, Andy DeWeerdt, and Otty Merrill

Congratulations to all the artists selected for this exhibition:

Shary Bartlett, Lyn Belisle (Juror Award), Carolyn Berry, Susana F. Blanco, Maureen Outlaw Church, Anne Curran (Juror Award), Andy DeWeerdt (Juror Award), Katharine Dufault, Connie Ehindero, Phyllis Bryce Ely, Gretchen Forrest, Alison Fullerton, Penny Gunderson, Susan Hess, Bobbi Kilty, Beate Kratt, Whitney Krueger, Patricia Leeds, Ursi Lysser, Cynthia Makara, Anne McCune, Jamie McPhail, Otty Merrill (Juror Award), Kylie T Millar, Deborah Peeples, Tami Phelps, Amanda Pierce, Melissa Porter, Jennifer Pretzeus, Regina B. Quinn, Rhonda Raulston, Deanne Row, Melissa Rubin, Heidi Rufeh, Jean K Stephens, Nancy Torbitt-Stewart, Panto Trivkovic, Lara Williams, Shelley Wuitchik, Yulia Mamontova Zabrodina

Exhibition curated by IEA members S. Kay Burnett and Paul Kline

30 July 2020

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Announcing the winners of the first Russia-based
International Online Exhibition & Competition

Press Release 
Click here to see this exciting exhibition
>>Winning Artists<<

Hopeful Darkness: A Group Exhibition
November 28 - December 16, 2017

Venue:  Atlantic Gallery, New York, NY
Juror:  Ingrid Dinter
Curator: Melissa Rubin

Another Way of Keeping A Diary

Open Juried Show
Venue: San Luis Obispo Museum of Art
San Luis Obispo, California
Juror: David Limirite
Curator: Lola Baltzell & Flo Bartell

""Buoyancy" 2017 © Deborah Peeples

The Buzz Stops Here Exhibition Catalog

Open Juried Show
Austin, Texas
April 18 - May 30, 2105
Juror: Barrett Klein
Curator: Lola Baltzell

The Devil in the Straight Line 

Open Juried Show
Sponsored by International Encaustic Artists
Venue: Bakehouse Art Complex, Audrey Love Gallery
Miami, Florida
October 6-14, 2014
Reception and 2nd Friday Artwalk: October 10, 2014
Juror: Henning Haupt
Curators: Flo Bartell and Lola Baltzell

Poetry Bleeds Rust - Click to view the entries and winners

Members-Only Juried Show
International Encaustic Artists
October 1-29, 2014
N.A.W.A. Gallery, New York
Juror: Jenn Dierdorf
Curator and IEA Exhibitions Director: Lola Baltzell
Reception: Thursday, October 2, 5-7 PM

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