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  • 19 Oct 2023 3:00 PM | Clare O'Neill

    Are you craving in-person connection like I am?

    I have something that I think is a solution. 

    I invite you to join me for a special photo tour in beautiful Ireland. Within our group you’ll find like-minded travelers who love to photograph in the midst of having a great adventure. This trip is about feeling good, having fun, and living well. 

    Particularly beautiful in the autumn with the trees turning gold against the green grasses—Ireland is a natural paradise that invites your spirit to soar. This amazing trip will touch on what it’s like to explore a new culture. You’ll get your feet wet along the sandy beaches, listen to unmistakable sound of the uilleann pipes in the pubs, walk in the paths of the ancient celts, share laughter, visit with farmers, meet artisans, eat incredible food straight from the garden, and capture dramatic photographs with stories to tell.

    Doing something creative gets us out of our heads and instead lets us access our heart and intuition. It helps us transcend the lists of pros and cons that are constantly being generated by our minds.   

    You’ll come home with memories that will last forever and images that will make your heart sing. 

    Best of all, you get to relax into rediscovering connecting with new people as you celebrate and uncover Ireland's culture. 

    On Ireland’s most celebrated day, join me for this tour October 19 – 27th. More information here >>


    651-246-1831 if you have questions

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  • 03 Oct 2023 9:00 AM | Regina Quinn (Administrator)

    Radiant edges of day, veiled in mystery, quiet as a held breath, yet energized by the tensions between shifting darkness and light—these will serve as the inspirations for our weeklong retreat at Lora Murphy's Mulranny Studios, October 3 - 10, 2023! 

    More info about the retreat.

    Stay another week and join IEA's Celtic Convergence Retreat where Regina will also do a demo on integrating oils and wax.

    Visit Regina's website.

  • 01 Oct 2023 9:00 AM | Shelley Jean

    October 1st-7th 2023

    Your week long opportunity to experiment with art principles and practice imagery development, learn to create a series of works while finding your voice. You will engage in various methods and techniques including photo encaustic, printmaking, incising, mixed media, image transfers, imbedding, and mark-making.

    This is the ideal retreat for beginners and seasoned artists alike to allow the landscape to inspire you as we embark upon this journey of exploring Encaustics in New Mexico. Learn More and Register > 

  • 16 Sep 2023 1:00 PM | Melissa Stephens (Administrator)

    Creating collage is an art form that is full of color and excitement! Learn how to build fun paper layers and then enhance your art with encaustic paint and embedded objects. During this 5-hour in-person class, Melissa Stephens will demonstrate and walk you through step-by-step exploring:

    - Different kinds of paper
    - Color and viewing effects
    - Use of line and focal points
    - Embedding decorative objects like beads, tiles and feathers
    - Mark making tools
    - Creative textures
    - Luminous layers of encaustic paint

    Demonstrations and instructions will help you hone your skills, with plenty of time to explore the mixed media at their your own pace. No experience necessary. Must be 18+ years of age. Class is at Melissa's studio in Walnut Creek, CA, $225 per person

    Register Here

  • 01 Sep 2023 7:52 AM | Shary Bartlett


    Explore the unparalleled fluidity, luminosity and vibrance of alcohol inks and Indian inks on encaustic. Join Shary to learn a myriad of techniques to combine your creative inspiration with the capricious, shape-shifting nature of inks as they form unexpected images before your eyes.

    Experiment, and learn how to collaborate in flow with these inks to create alchemical magic! 

    Included in your course:

    • Studio set up and safety 

    • Tools and supplies 

    • Alcohol and India ink  

    • Inks on Encaustic  

    • Surface Preparation and Ink Effects  

    • Fusing 

    • Trouble Shooting 

    • Creative process  

    • Resource list 

    Note: This technique assumes a general knowledge of encaustic and the ability to prepare a smooth white encaustic surface on board.

    For detailed instructions on how to create a smooth surface, please see Shary’s instructional video “Smooth: How to create glassy encaustic surfaces.

    Lifetime access. Take this course whenever you'd like and watch as many times as you'd like.

    Learn More:


  • 01 Sep 2023 7:44 AM | Shary Bartlett


    Who doesn't love the textural effects of encaustic? But the perfectly smooth translucence of a glassy wax surface is a beautiful sight to behold - and challenging to achieve! Watch, as Shary demonstrates how a thin painted or poured surface on wood creates an open invitation to fluid media like alcohol ink.  See how a slender layer of encaustic medium imparts a dreamy atmosphere to photographs.  Discover how to bury mixed media or 3D elements cleanly and invitingly in a lustrous bed of wax. Tips for achieving large smooth surfaces are discussed.  

    Included in your course: 

    • Techniques for achieving a smooth surface  

    • Pouring 

    • Brushing  

    • Ironing

    • Wax dam 

    • Substrates, Surface Preparation, Photographs, Fusing 

    • Studio set up and safety 

    • Tools and supplies 

    • Encaustic paint: Clear, White, Coloured

    • Batch Pouring and Working Large  

    • Mixed Media  

    • Resource list 

    Lifetime access. Take this course whenever you'd like and watch as many times as you'd like.

    Learn More: Register:

  • 01 Sep 2023 7:22 AM | Shary Bartlett


    Enhance your encaustic paintings and sculptures with luscious, flowing 3-dimensional surface texture, dots, lines and evocative mark-making. This instructional video will introduce you to a variety of traditional and modern hot tools that add personality, uniqueness, and a tactile, sculptural sensibility to your work. 

    Discover tjanting and traditional batik tools, the kitska, electric stylus, Wax Writer, hot calligraphy pen, electric paintbrush and more. Learn about the strengths and differences between these tools, technical tips and tricks to achieve success, and an exciting variety of creative effects and possibilities.

    Included in your course:  

    • Overview of Tools

    • Safety Information 

    • Surface Preparation 

    • Technique Demonstrations – Tips and Tricks

    • Technique  Demonstrations – Heat Regulator & Electric Hot Tools

    • Oops! Undoing “Mistakes”

    • Tool Cleaning  

    • Resource list

    *This class is designed for intermediate encaustic painters with some wax experience.

    Lifetime access. Take this course whenever you'd like and watch as many times as you'd like.

    Learn More:


  • 01 Sep 2023 7:15 AM | Shary Bartlett


    Burst your encaustic paintings and sculpture outside of the 2-dimensional box with this gorgeous three-dimensional fibre arts project! Discover the amazing sculptural effects achieved when combining sweet-smelling encaustic beeswax with textiles. In this class you’ll wax and form fabric to create an innovative encaustic three-dimensional floral painting. 

    Learn about applying encaustic to fibres, substrate options, colouring, shaping, fusing, and surface highlighting and detailing of fabric, safety tips, and more.

    Included in your course:

    • Materials, tools, supplies

    • Health and safety

    • Shadowbox Project Demonstration

    • Substrate Preparation

    • Fabric Preparation and Formation

    • Encaustic Treatment

    • Fusing

    • Creating a Sculptured Surface

    • Embedding with Wax

    • Highlighting and Surface Treatment

    • ​Resource list 

    Lifetime access. Take this course whenever you'd like and watch as many times as you'd like.

    Learn More:


  • 27 Aug 2023 2:00 PM | Melissa Stephens (Administrator)

    $175 per person. Express yourself with molten wax in this 4-hour encaustic painting class that is perfect for beginners. Melissa Stephens will guide you through the history of this magical medium at her studio in Walnut Creek, CA.

    This experience is for those with adventurous spirits, curious minds, and an affinity for fun! The luminous glow of this magical medium will have you hooked in no time. Students say Beginning Encaustic is, "Exciting," "Addictive," and "Relaxing."

    Each class offers plenty of time to have fun and create artwork. Learn encaustic painting in a real art studio where demonstrations and hands-on instruction will help you make clever and creative decisions. Practice brush strokes, fusing techniques, mark making and texture building to walk away with at least 3 new paintings. No art experience necessary. Must be 18+ years of age. 

    Register Here

  • 24 Aug 2023 12:30 AM | Shary Bartlett


    Create luminous sculptures, illuminated art, and dimensional paintings with Lutradur – a translucent, lacy spunbonded textile that can be cut, dyed, collaged, rusted, shaped and heat-distressed to create exquisite filigreed surfaces.  Discover the marvelous luminesce of encaustic wax and pigment when combined with this marvelous fibre. 

    In this class you’ll learn surface preparation and design, and the many possibilities of Lutradur: staining, heat-distressing, fusing, layering, printing, surface detailing, lighting, safety tips, and more.

    Included in your course:  

    • What are Spunbonded Fibres and Lutradur?

    • Materials, Supplies, Safety

    • Colouring and Dying Lutradur

    • Collaged Lutradur

    • Waxing Lutradur

    • Distressed Lutradur

    • Inkjet Printing on Lutradur

    • Highlighting and Surface Treatment

    • Display and Maintenance 

    • Resource List

    Lifetime access. Take this course whenever you'd like and watch as many times as you'd like.

    Find out more:

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