International Encaustic Artists is offering the following grant opportunities.

Applicants should be IEA members in good standing and be willing to maintain membership for one year following following a grant.

Each grant recipient must be willing to submit a written report of the residency or project.

2020 Residency Grant Castle Hill, Truro Center for the Arts in Provincetown, MA.
This program offers a self-directed artist two weeks living and working in a creativity inspiring environment. IEA will pay fees to Castle Hill for one two week residency for one artist in the spring of 2020.
Winners to be announced soon

2020 IEA Project Grants.  The IEA Project Grant is a $1,250 award to be used to support the completion of a project such as preparing for an exhibition or installation, or the creation and/or completion of a body of artwork. Applicants must use encaustic as their primary medium and consider themselves mid-career, rather than emerging. The applicant must have an exhibition record and propose a specific project or body of work  to be considered for the IEA Project Grant. IEA will award two Project Grants for 2020.
Winners to be announced soon

For further information email: grants@international-encaustic-artists.org

Awards & Grants

International Encaustic Artists provides limited funding opportunities for members at all stages of their careers. International Encaustic Artists is committed to the growth and development of its members.

The IEA Emerging Artist Grant is offered to artists new to encaustic who wish to seek opportunities for furthering their knowledge and skills in the medium.

The IEA Artist Project Grant is a $1,250 award for mid-career artists, to be used to support the completion of a project, such as preparing for an exhibition or installation, or the creation and/or completion of a body of artwork.

The La Vendéenne Awards recognize outstanding contributions to the advancement and practice of fine encaustic art. The La Vendéenne [la-vahn-day-en] Awards are named in honor of a fourth century female encaustic artist, Laia, whose buried remains were found—along with the tools of her encaustic art—in the La Vendée region of France.

Grant Applications


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