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The IEA Artist Residency Scholarship Grant is an award for a scholarship to the Artist Residency program at Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill, in Provincetown, MA  This program offers a self directed artist two weeks living and working in a creativity-inspiring environment.  IEA will pay the fees to Castle Hill for one 2-week residency for one artist in 2021.

Check back for the 2022 Grant Application details

Please submit your artist statement, resume, and bio, a link to your website, and 10 images of your work. Please also include a brief statement of what you would like to accomplish in your residency and the length of residency you are applying for.

Please apply directly to IEA and do not use the Castle Hill residency application on their site.  IEA will conduct an initial review of the applications and make its top selections; Castle Hill will make the final choice as to who will receive the scholarship for the residency.

The winning artist or artists will have their fees to Castle Hill for the residency paid by IEA. They will be responsible for their own travel cost, artist materials, and food.

There is a limit of one scholarship or grant per member in any two-year period. Winners agree to submit a written report to IEA with images within 30 days of the end of their residency, and agree that IEA and Castle Hill may use the report and images in their publications and communications to members. Winners also agree to maintain paid membership in IEA  in the year following their scholarship year.

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