Cityscapes - In Santa Fe, NM. June 22 & 23

15 Mar 2024 5:11 AM | Jorge Luis Bernal

Encaustic Monotype Workshop - ABSTRACT ART

6/22 & 23 , 10AM to 4:00 PM - Cost $470.00, Tax, materials included

A tale is born from an image, and the image extends and creates a network of meanings that are always equivocal. - Italo Calvino

Description: This workshop offers the opportunity to learn or fine tune the many techniques and possibilities the encaustic monotype painting can offer and most importantly the exploration of personal  narratives, emotional responses and the creative art making processes.

This workshop’s aim is for each participant to explore creative channels and painting ideas based on city life. On the first day we will cover the equipment, tools, materials, safety, color sticks application and paper lifting techniques, the advantages of masking plus the monotype finishes. On day two, the goal is to make art based on city memories and feelings. When discussing cityscape painting, we often hear the phrase "capturing a sense of place." What does that mean to you? To me, it means much more than just recording the physical attributes of the location. A "sense" of the place, must express emotion.  

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Workshop Requirements and Registration: All In-person workshops will be taught maintaining 6’ social distancing. Class size maximum of six (6) people and three (3) minimum. We request all participants be  vaccinated. 

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