118 - Patricia A Russotti (USA) - "Artists Who Use a Camera: Photographs, Transfer Film and Encaustic Workshop" - October 17 & 18, 2023

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THIS IS A TWO-DAY WORKSHOP: October 17 & 18, 2023 "Artists Who Use Cameras: Photographs, Transfer Film and Encaustic Workshop" This workshop will bring together a variety of techniques to expand and enhance your creative practice. The goal is to think and work from analog to digital to analog - continuing the loop until you achieve your goals. This class is an interpretive exploration of the photographs and photographic elements within your work plus experimentation with various techniques. It is designed to help you work with photographs, alternate image transfers and wax. We will discuss the addition of hot wax, cold wax, color, marking, and monoprint techniques. Stretch your artistic boundaries - use your test prints and happy accidents to create collages, add more wax, color and stitch your work together. We will expand our work and artistic concepts by printing inkjet photographs on to kozo paper, and transferring photographic elements using inkAID brand Transfer Film and Transfierz Image Transfer Medium to create encaustic art. Note: The instructor will notify students of any materials needed (if any) prior to the workshop. Instructor: Patricia A Russotti parnvc@rit.edu +1 (585) 259-1679 Instagram: patti.russotti Facebook: patti.russotti

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