113 - Lyn Belisle (USA) - "Wax and Words" - October 11 & 12, 2023 - NOTE: This workshop has been replaced with Linda Robertson's workshop: "Lasting Impressions"

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NOTE: This workshop has been replaced with Linda Robertson's workshop: "Lasting Impressions" Lyn Belisle's workshop has been canceled. Consider signing up for Linda Robertson's or one of our other excellent instructors' workshops. THIS IS A TWO DAY WORKSHOP: October 11 & 12, 2023 Wax & Words: Introductory Workshop (but engaging for all levels) - Human nature loves a mystery, a clue, a broken shard that hints at a story. In this introductory workshop, Wax & Words, you’ll find unique ways to create fascinating visual compositions using scraps of words and enigmatic marks behind layers of translucent wax. Basic techniques of veiling, fusing, collage composition and layering will be explored. We will explore mark-making with all kinds of tools, some foraged. We will also use a bit of veiled imagery as a “grace mark” to emphasize the mystery and meaning of our collage work. The resulting work is elegant, personal, and timeless. Individual collages may be used as journal covers or wall pieces, or may be joined into small standing screens. This Wax & Words workshop and eBook came about when a poet friend asked me to create an introductory encaustic class for her poetry writing group. This is not a poetry workshop nor a technically complex encaustic workshop, but an expressive combination both, joining content and process. Note: The instructor will notify students of any materials needed (if any) prior to the workshop. Lyn Belisle lyn@lynbelisle.com +1 (210) 860-9468 Instagram: lynbelislestudio Facebook: lynbelisle

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