116 - Bettina Egli Sennhauser (Switzerland) - "Encaustic meets Fresco" - October 11 & 12, 2023

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THIS IS A TWO DAY WORKSHOP: October 11 & 12, 2023 "Encaustic Meets Fresco" Focusing on potential guides us through this painting process. We grow through cracks, fractures, and erosions. By letting go of what does not want to stay, we create space for the new and unexpected. This workshop combines two antique painting techniques: encaustic and Roman fresco. The different materials and methods complement each other and ensure they retain their own narrative and beauty. Emphasis will be placed on creating intonaco, or finishing layers, of pit lime and marble dust on different surfaces, provoking cracks and decay that we will integrate into our works. Instruction will focus on building paintings from the ground up, adding beautiful glazes of diluted inks and stains to highlight hidden cracks and fractures. Additional structures, marks, and colors will be created using encaustic paints, pigment sticks and pan pastels. Note: The instructor will notify students of any materials needed (if any) prior to the workshop. Bettina Egli Sennhauser bettina@kunstfreiraum.ch ++41 (79) 622-3881 Instagram : kunstfreiraum Facebook: kunstfreiraum

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