Megan MacDonald - Introduction to Encaustic Painting - Creating Visual & Physical Dimension in Wax - 2 DAY WORKSHOP (Wednesday, April 6 & Thursday April 7, 2022)

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THIS IS A 2-DAY WORKSHOP: Wednesday, April 6 and Thursday, April 7, 2022. Introduction to Encaustic Painting-Creating Visual and Physical Dimension in Wax. Venue: Bartell Studio, Los Osos, CA (you will be given the address when you register) Among the oldest forms of painting, encaustic holds a myriad of possibilities to the modern artist. Encaustic has a beautiful otherworldly depth and a tactile, sumptuous surface. The painting can be smooth as glass or it can be built up, scraped back, drawn on and carved into. The combinations are endless. This in-depth 2-day workshop will include a discussion regarding various approaches to working in encaustic followed by a brief overview of studio set-up and safety. We will then dive into substrate and surface prep; ways of using the heated palette for mixing and blending colors, working with encaustic paint to create both visual and physical texture while experimenting with various ways of mark making, including graphite, oil pastel, Stabilo and more. Encaustic encourages every artist to explore and experiment to find their own unique voice. Students will need to bring: • 4 – 6 assorted substrates (cradle boards, Clay boards or Encaustic boards – 8”x10” or smaller • Bring any tool that will make a mark in the wax (nail, shish kebob skewer, stick, etc.) Teacher & retreat will provide: • I” chip brushes & 1” hake brushes • Additional hake brushes, if needed • Round Sumi brushes • Loop tools • Pigment sticks / blending medium • Encaustic paint • Encaustic gesso • Kemper PT-3 stylus & Shared mark making tools • Student workshop package • Shared mark making tools/loop tools Megan MacDonald

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