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Jul 18, 2014

Inuksuk by Dianna M. Sapara
Sense of Place - F 20 cm x 20 cm
On the Beach, Emily Mandy, 16" x 16" 2012
my "card version" of Poseidon's Horse, Emily Mandy, 9" x 12", 2012 (sold)
Diane Kleiss Night Bloom Sculpted wax 13x13x4in
Diane Kleiss High Rise Condos Sculpted Wax eggs 36x10x5in
Diane Kleiss Adapting II - What Is 34x12x3in Sculpted wax
Diane Kleiss Adapting II - What Was 34x12x4in Sculpted wax
Bloom - Encaustic on wood - 16" x 16" - Bela Fidel
Tranquility - Encaustic on wood - 23.5" x 23.5" - Bela Fidel
Rhapsody in Wax | Tristina Dietz Elmes | 2014 | 10in x 10in | encaustic wax on wood panel with medicinal tea bag ephemera
Apothecary Green | Tristina Dietz Elmes | 2013 | 10in x 10in | encaustic wax on wood panel with Chinese medicine ephemera. Won Best In Show in Dec 2013 at the Broward Art Guild, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Harriette Tsosie. "Bosque in Winter."
Partition III: Homunculus Virginia Headley Maserang
Midnight Garden Virginia Headley Maserang
Dawn of Potential Virginia Headley Maserang
"Blue Pathway" Donna Whitford Housel
"Cells" Donna Whitford Housel
"Poppies" Encaustic Collage Donna Whitford Housel
"Fall Leaves" Donna Whitford Housel
"Bee Balm and Butterfly" Donna Whitford Housel
The Eyes Have It | Encaustic Mixed Media | 36"x36"x2"
Subliminal Happiness | Encaustic Mixed Media | 6"x24"x2"
Season | Encaustic Mixed Media | 8"x8"
Co-exist | Encaustic & Wire | 12"x12"
Stain, Joni Gruber
Siren's Song, Joni Gruber
Effervescence, Joni Gruber
Backbone of the Ages, Janet C Hickok, $430
Anything Goes, Janet C Hickok, $380
Sand Lake Lily, Janet C Hickok, sold
Journey Out, Janet C Hickok, $380
Ready or Workhouse, Janet C Hickok, $335
Susitna Sunset, Janet C Hickok, sold
This Side of Town, Janet C Hickok, $335
Untitled, Janet C Hickok, sold
Filament, Janet C Hickok, sold
Fall Flight - Bayshore Mudflats, Janet C Hickok, sold
Lineage Visited, Janet C Hickok, sold
Insistent, Janet C Hickok, sold
Tendril's Love, 2012, 5 x 7 inches, encaustic wax and mixed media on paper
Birth, 2013, 11 x 14 inches, encaustic wax on paper
Roses on Mars, 2013, 5 x 7 inches, encaustic wax and oil pastel on paper
Islands, 2014, 8 x 8 inches, encaustic wax on cradled wood panel
Homage, 2013, 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches, encaustic wax on paper

 Judith Williams


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