Encaustic Essentials Workshop: Feb. 17-18, 2024

04 Jan 2024 7:08 PM | Nanette Newbry

February 17-18, 2024  |  In person

Newbry Studios, 2055 Westwood Drive, Carlsbad, CA 92008

The Most Comprehensive Workshop to Kick-Start Your Practice


If you ever wanted to uncover the mystery and magic of encaustic, this foundational workshop is tailored specifically for you. In this two-day workshop, you’ll explore your creativity while learning about this most versatile medium.

Starting with the safety precautions and setting up your own studio to completing an encaustic painting from your newly acquired knowledge and skills, you’ll learn step-by-step the fundamentals necessary for a successful painting, And, you’ll be with an experienced encaustic painter to guide you through the processes. 

What you’ll learn:

• How to set up your own encaustic studio

• The safety and temperature musts

• What materials to use

• How to make encaustic medium and gesso

• The unique aspects of opaque and transparent colors

• Ins and outs of using a heat gun, torch or iron

• Encaustic painting techniques, layering, fusing, inlay, stencils, scraping, imbedding material

• Best ways to use oil stick, oil, India ink and pan pastel 

Supplied materials: One 8 x 8 in. cradled panel, encaustic medium, encaustic paints, hot palette, pan pastels, oil sticks, razor blades, India ink, graphite

Materials you’ll bring: Cradled panels no larger than 12 x 12 in. (2), favorite encaustic paints and R&F oil sticks, pottery tools for scraping, blue painters tape, variety of brushes (not nylon or synthetic) Optional: hake brushes, colored India inks, pan pastel, graphite, charcoal, apron, pencil/pen, notebook, snack  


Fee: $395.

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