Photo Encaustic Wax Week Workshop

28 Sep 2019 10:00 AM | Linda Robertson

Sept. 28 - Oct. 2, 2019. 5-days, Sat-Wed, 10-4 (2 spots left)
Oct. 26 - 30, 2019. 5-days, Sat-Wed, 10-4 (1 spot just opened)
Held in my private studio in Portland, Oregon

Every year I hear from students who want to take my encaustic workshops but either live too far away to fly in for just one or two days or prefer a more immersive environment where they can learn many techniques in a short time.

With this in mind I offer 5-day intensive workshops that combine some of my most popular classes with some brand new techniques that will keep you creating new work for years to come.

In this class we'll focus on combining encaustic with photography while focusing on hand coloring with pastels, pigment sticks and artists crayons, layering photos with encaustic collage, adding depth to your work, pouring wax over your photographs and finding your own unique look for these creative processes.

This Wax Week workshop is easily accessible for someone with little or no experience in working with encaustic, but will also offer rich, personalized instruction for those who have more experience. I keep my class sizes very small, a maximum of 6 students, so everyone can learn at their own pace. This allows me to help introduce beginners to this new medium and still challenge more experienced artists with advanced tips and techniques.

Here's what we'll cover:

    Layered Encaustic Photo Collage
    Hand Coloring Waxed Photos
    Transfers: Photos, Drawings and Rubbings
    Pouring Wax over Photographs
    Taking Your Paintings from Start to Finish
    Personal Projects

Most supplies will be provided including all encaustic medium, encaustic paint, brushes, paper, small boards, boxes and basic encaustic tools.

I'll have some photographs available for you use in class so you won't have to worry about preparing any images if you prefer not to, but about 2 months before class begins I will send instructions on how to prepare your own imagery. Join us!

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