Encaustic intro/refresher with spring-board follow on

27 Oct 2019 9:30 AM | Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch



To care for one’s instrument, to harmonize head, heart, and body, is the first condition for any possible harmony with others.

Jean-Yves LeLoup

I find that as autumn settles on the world-the air changes, the leaves drop, and the days shorten-that I too come in. Because of realizing and then paying attention to this rhythm, I have been listening and creating in new ways. 

My gardens and yards, house needs and compound growth, take up the lion’s share of my energy and hours when spring finally turns on. This carries through the summer with shortened bursts of studio time.

But when this autumn pulling-in begins, I am keen to respond wholeheartedly. My subconscious has danced with new ideas while tilling the soil of the raised beds. My hands have begun to itch to let what has lied latent in my creative heart burst forth. My soul and my fingertips begin to forage in the studio, reorganize bits and collections, regather connection with the creative expression I call my own.

Some of my most soulful creative work evolves from this depth rhythm.  From this noticing and then paying attention, to the natural flow of creative energy.

The achievements of one person always belong to many people for we accomplish nothing alone in this world.

Madisyn Taylor

This year, I want to begin in this autumn-space with you. Where WinterWax has in the past held the space for beginning, this shift to autumn is the truest place of beginning for me-of creative beginning. 

With this, I invite you: To gather for one, three or four days-you decide your parameters. Just eight of us total, settling in, learning deep, exploring wide.

The intentions are to:

  1. learn or reconnect to the core practice of encaustic (day one)
  2. dive deeper with experimentation and alternative materials and foundations (day two and three)
  3. explore one final day together, what’s been taken in, ask questions that arise, refine techniques taught, so as to return home with a deep and full understanding of what you’ve experienced, and put them into play throughout the remaining quiet soul months until spring blooms once again (day four)

I don’t expect it to be good; I know it will be great. For those of you unaware, I have been on sabbatical since January. In returning now, in this manner, with the intentions in my heart, I give you my best. I hope you will come along and receive it~

  • Intro (or refresher!): Sunday, October 27
  • Advance springboard: Monday-Tuesday, October 28-29
  • Openstudio and Q&A: Wednesday, October 30


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