Online Course SMOOTH: How to Create Glassy Encaustic Surfaces

01 Sep 2023 7:44 AM | Shary Bartlett


Who doesn't love the textural effects of encaustic? But the perfectly smooth translucence of a glassy wax surface is a beautiful sight to behold - and challenging to achieve! Watch, as Shary demonstrates how a thin painted or poured surface on wood creates an open invitation to fluid media like alcohol ink.  See how a slender layer of encaustic medium imparts a dreamy atmosphere to photographs.  Discover how to bury mixed media or 3D elements cleanly and invitingly in a lustrous bed of wax. Tips for achieving large smooth surfaces are discussed.  

‚ÄčIncluded in your course: 

  • Techniques for achieving a smooth surface  

  • Pouring 

  • Brushing  

  • Ironing

  • Wax dam 

  • Substrates, Surface Preparation, Photographs, Fusing 

  • Studio set up and safety 

  • Tools and supplies 

  • Encaustic paint: Clear, White, Coloured

  • Batch Pouring and Working Large  

  • Mixed Media  

  • Resource list 

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