Online Course SPUN GOLD: Spunbonded Lutradur and Encaustic Wax

24 Aug 2023 12:30 AM | Shary Bartlett


Create luminous sculptures, illuminated art, and dimensional paintings with Lutradur – a translucent, lacy spunbonded textile that can be cut, dyed, collaged, rusted, shaped and heat-distressed to create exquisite filigreed surfaces.  Discover the marvelous luminesce of encaustic wax and pigment when combined with this marvelous fibre. 

In this class you’ll learn surface preparation and design, and the many possibilities of Lutradur: staining, heat-distressing, fusing, layering, printing, surface detailing, lighting, safety tips, and more.

Included in your course:  

  • What are Spunbonded Fibres and Lutradur?

  • Materials, Supplies, Safety

  • Colouring and Dying Lutradur

  • Collaged Lutradur

  • Waxing Lutradur

  • Distressed Lutradur

  • Inkjet Printing on Lutradur

  • Highlighting and Surface Treatment

  • Display and Maintenance 

  • Resource List

Lifetime access. Take this course whenever you'd like and watch as many times as you'd like.

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