5th. Annual Santa Fe Art Week, July 7-16 - Encaustic Monotype Workshops

02 Apr 2023 11:36 AM | Jorge Luis Bernal

Jorge Luis Bernal OPEN STUDIO & WORKSHOPS JULY 8, 10 & 12

10AM to 1PM,  Cost $125.00 + Tax,  Materials included

Description: This three-hour intensive Workshop is the perfect opportunity to discover the encaustic monotype process which is easy, fast and lots of fun. It is available to artists of all skill levels. We will cover the equipment, tools, safety, the color sticks application, masking, paper types (their absorbency) and the paper lifting methods. There will be ample opportunities to ask Jorge questions regarding your artwork, plus lots of painting time.

Encaustic Monotypes are created on a heated aluminum palette with encaustic color sticks. Once applied to the hot plate, the encaustic melts instantly, and the image is manipulated and transferred to paper using hand-pressure. The image can be framed and displayed as a photo or glued to a wood panel.

For class registration  email request to jorgeluisbernal@gmail.com

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