Without a Map: An Irish Photo Adventure (Oct 19 - 27, 2023)

19 Oct 2023 3:00 PM | Clare O'Neill

Are you craving in-person connection like I am?

I have something that I think is a solution. 

I invite you to join me for a special photo tour in beautiful Ireland. Within our group you’ll find like-minded travelers who love to photograph in the midst of having a great adventure. This trip is about feeling good, having fun, and living well. 

Particularly beautiful in the autumn with the trees turning gold against the green grasses—Ireland is a natural paradise that invites your spirit to soar. This amazing trip will touch on what it’s like to explore a new culture. You’ll get your feet wet along the sandy beaches, listen to unmistakable sound of the uilleann pipes in the pubs, walk in the paths of the ancient celts, share laughter, visit with farmers, meet artisans, eat incredible food straight from the garden, and capture dramatic photographs with stories to tell.

Doing something creative gets us out of our heads and instead lets us access our heart and intuition. It helps us transcend the lists of pros and cons that are constantly being generated by our minds.   

You’ll come home with memories that will last forever and images that will make your heart sing. 

Best of all, you get to relax into rediscovering connecting with new people as you celebrate and uncover Ireland's culture. 

On Ireland’s most celebrated day, join me for this tour October 19 – 27th. More information here >>



651-246-1831 if you have questions

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