The New Mexico Landscape - Cold Wax Workshop

23 Feb 2023 6:55 AM | Jorge Luis Bernal

Santa Fe, NM

May 27- 28, 10AM to 3:00 PM 

Cost $395.00 + Tax, materials included 


This two-day workshop centers its attention on The New Mexico Landscape and Adobe style architecture typical of Northern New Mexico. It is designed for artists with prior cold wax knowledge and painting skills who want to take their work to a new level while exploring inspirational ideas found in the land of enchantment.

To help artists think more deeply about their work, Jorge will offer special presentations to the class and do one-on-one consultations to challenge and guide participants to push deeper into their work, both technically and conceptually. The goal is to focus on abstraction and or simplification of shapes, forms and colors so each artists develops hers or hisindividual painting narratives.

If you have no cold wax medium experience a one-day class is offered the day before at a discounted price.

For class registration 

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