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17 Nov 2022 4:00 PM | Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch (Administrator)

GlobalGather where we expand and grow in ways we are not yet aware exist.

Meaning making is the heart of humanity. 

Dr William Breitbart

Growth and awareness as to the ‘why’ of why we create begins with each next step. We get together to find our unique why and go on to deeper the creative practice.

Come along and explore your why, and some what and how!

  • What do you want to know about a technique, product, process, or procedure?
  • What have you been struggling with that I and the gathered community can help work you through?
  • How can you bring what you are exploring to the group to enrich the experience you are going through?
The artist, like the monk, has an interior wilderness to discover.

Rowan Williams

Gatherings happen via Zoom, third Thursday each month, 4pm eastern. We ask questions, get answers, work through technical trouble, sort out soul-searching revelations, and work to unearth a deeper capacity of personal expression.

And create! <3

Come along each month* to weave a more meaningful thread of creative expression into the tapestry of the world,

I look forward to you~

in love.


Participants will be contacted a week in advance each month with/for topic suggestions, inquiry prompts, communal creative ideas, and consultation queries so that I can prepare a rich and worthwhile time together!

*Third Thursday, 4pm eastern unless otherwise noted. (Duration determined by group questions and need for consult). Each scheduled separately so be sure to register each month-

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