ListenToYourLife Retreat June 20-25 2023

24 Jul 2023 3:00 PM | Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch (Administrator)

A week-long retreat at the EncaustiCastle, not unlike EncaustiCamp, but richer, deeper, more intimate and therefore more propelling.

90% of the artists’ work is creative propulsion which animates the 10% to the desired end.


Take your place at the table~

What’s inside you?

The experiences, education, discoveries, explorations; these all come together to make up the unique form of you. For each new generation stories beg to be told in the voice that can be heard and understood. You, artist, are here to tell these stories, in just the way you do, uniquely, so someone else can hear, learn, grow, and go on to tell it to their own tribe. Ask yourself, how do you want to grow and evolve your practice? What do you feel ready to bring to the world? The answers are sometimes blurred by our day-to-day. Listen to Your Life is time, resource, and inspiration to help you crystalize your path. This way we each, and altogether, become what existence is meant to be. 

What is your way?

Listen to Your Life.

This week-long retreat is all about painting, creating, discovering, exploring, learning, and revealing all the ways in which your hands can come to tell the story of your life in fresh and enlivening ways so that your world can see, hear, and want, more of that

Come along; feed your body with good food, movement, and sunshine. Come hungry for the delicious discoveries that await your mind, and feast at the rich banquet prepared for the feeding of your soul.

The time is now.

Listen to Your Life.

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