AwakenCreative Retreat EncaustiCastle, Lexington, KY February 14-19, 2023

14 Feb 2023 3:00 PM | Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch (Administrator)
Art is a line your draw around your thoughts.

Gustav Klimt

Why go deep?

Are you trying to get something out, to say something for others to hear, to paint in a way that finally expresses a dimension of yourself, or the world as you see it, with clarity and recognition? Do you struggle to put into form, color, paragraph, line, the images and emotions, experiences and lessons you have lived, yet feel a great passion to do so, so that maybe others, even one, can have this as a road sign on their own journeying?

Experience leaves deep traces within us.

John O”Donahue

With depth we get breadth and sustenance. You have accumulated years of material wisdom and technique experience, yet something more is necessary in order to bring the fullest capacity of your personal expression to this experience and wisdom. Now more than even the world that needs to awaken to the necessity of art. As Mary Oliver says, Artists are not here to make the world go round, but forward. Understanding your unique value and purpose that brings you to hold a brush in hand will help you to become an integral element is art’s place to move this world forward now.

What will I accomplish from attending?

Art is created in solitude, but not a bubble.

We draw our best out of each other. By being together with like-minded companions and committing to the environment created through the gathering together, we most often find what we don’t always realize we went out to seek; the depth of our best expression across the canvas. A soul expression illuminated by this communion with others~

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