Abstract Art - II Workshop Oil & Cold Wax Painting

28 Nov 2021 12:14 PM | Anonymous

April 9th & 10th, 2022 10AM to 3 PM

Costs $395.00 Materials and tax included

Making Abstract Art

Art is a 20th-century movement characterized by the reduction of natural appearances into simplified forms; for example, constructing art on the basis of geometric shapes or intuitive gestures. Also called Nonobjective Art, doesn’t depend on the appearance of the visual world as a starting point; the assumption is that art doesn’t have to be about anything other than formal elements: shape, color and expressed emotions. 


This workshop is for artists who are motivated to learn more about creating expressive, simple yet bold abstract art. We will start with the basics, then some color exercises and talk about the composition, the weight of color and experimentation. Additionally, we will discuss, geometry, repetition and “What holds everything together”? 

The second day is about constraint in art. We will look at Minimalism and the many variables we deal with, in creating a painting. How to simplify things? How do we take a concept and boil it down to its essence? 

Lots of time for action-filled painting and personalized attention.


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All In-person workshops will be taught maintaining 6’ social distancing. Class size maximum of five (5) people and three (3) minimum. We are following the CDC guidelines. Please note all participants must be vaccinated. 

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