Introductory Oil & Cold Wax Workshop

28 Nov 2021 12:08 PM | Anonymous

May 7th. & 8th. 10AM to 3 PM

Costs $395.00 Materials and tax included

Description:  The 2-Day Cold Wax (CWM) introductory Workshop is easy, fast and lots of fun. This class is for artists with prior experience painting, but new to cold wax medium or those with some cold wax experience who are looking to broaden or reinforce their skills through lectures, demo’s, hands-on and critique.

During this workshop you will create multiple paintings using cold wax medium and oil paint. 

We will cover:

Basic tools, materials, surfaces, and safety

Mark-making for structure, expression and future discovery

Brayer techniques and veil of color

Foundational layers, textures and the weight of color

Monotypes applications, masking, creating and defining shapes

Graphite and pigments exploration and different applications

Mechanical and solvent reductions

Understanding and mastering the stages of wetness and dryness

Working wet-in-wet

Explore color palettes that you may not have used before.


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All In-person workshops will be taught maintaining 6’ social distancing. Class size maximum of 5 (5) people and three (3) minimum. We are following the CDC guidelines. Please note all participant must provide proof of vaccination
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