Encaustic & Paper – The Perfect Fusing for Finding Your Voice

14 Jun 2017 9:30 AM | Amanda Jolley

Guest Instructor: Catherine Nash, MFA
Date: Wed, June 14 – Sun, June 18, 2017
Time: 9:30-4:30pm
Location: Studio Joy, 608 E 30th St, Kansas City MO
Cost: $810 

Level: intermediate to advanced artists with encaustic experience


In this workshop, we will experiment with varied ways of combining the media of encaustic and paper as we simultaneously investigate and explore personal ideas and content. Create unique waxed based sculptural, assemblage and mixed media works that dovetail with your own personal artistic vision. Work through your ideas quickly as we learn to paint and monoprint on oriental papers using pigmented molten encaustic. Specifically, learn how to carefully glue Japanese mulberry paper to lashed wooden armatures and make them as tight as a drum. Encaustic can be used to lightly stain and strengthen the structure or it can completely envelop and encase the paper, creating a unique three dimensional forms. Learn how to fuse onto both convex and concave surfaces as we create structures that range in form from the organic to architectural. Stain, paint, embed, layer, stitch, crumple, fold, form and dip: Complete a series of small studio constructions that will inspire and ignite diverse sculptural ideas.

This is a deeper investigation than just technique….what is it you truly want to express? Through a series of journaling, writing, and encaustic work on/with paper, find your authentic voice and vision so that you can make work that expresses your deepest self. Whether you’ve been an artist for many years or just starting to find your own voice, this is an opportunity to deeply excavate to personally meaningful content. Learn how to develop an expressive body of work that is thematically focused and aesthetically consistent in presentation. Lots of individual attention. You will leave with individualized assignments, new work from which to springboard and a sketchbook that acts as a personal reference for the future. A rich fusing indeed!

For more information and to register: amandajolley.com/classes/encaustic-paper/


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