The Wonderful World of Wax: Encaustics 101

31 Mar 2017 9:00 AM | Nancy Crawford

Encaustics 101

I am very excited to announce the launch of my first online program, available March 31, 2017. Pre-order Today to get Sale Pricing and a chance to win the featured artwork!

In this self–paced program you will learn:

  • How to set up your studio space
  • Health and safety considerations
  • Good choices for encaustic substrates and how to prepare the surface and edges for working
  • Strategies for learning how to fuse well with the creation of a “practice pot”
  • Techniques for building up your base layers of wax
  • How to create and maintain strait edges of wax within your encaustic works
  • Processes for creating texture in your work
  • Approaches for applying colored wax
  • Ways to attach gold leaf to your encaustic works so that is both stable and beautiful
  • Simple procedures for creating your own stencils so that you can incorporate your unique marks, shapes and designs into your works
  • Assorted ways that you can incorporate oil rubs at different stages of your work
  • Along with 2 different ways to hang your finished works

In addition to the 25+ videos that are included in The Wonderful World of Wax: Encaustics 101, we have also included a great downloadable PDF that outlines all the materials and supplies we use throughout the course – resources that you will want to familiarize yourself with over time.

The downloadable content is yours to keep and you will have access to all online content for a full two years!!

We have also included a reference glossary of terms and some vocabulary that may be new to you as you deepen your artistic and creative practice.

When you register for this program you will also have the opportunity to get involved with our private online community where you can share your work, interact with other encaustic artists, see their work, leave your comments and connect.

Click on this link to find out more and register.


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