SummerWax 2017

02 Jul 2017 5:00 PM | Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

Get fired up!

July 2-8, Lexington, Kentucky in the EncaustiCastle

SummerWax like WinterWax brings you around my table to explore what comes when fully engaging in the practice of connecting to inner muse and trusting it to create a lifestyle that reaches deep and wide and is sustaining. I share what fires me up, in trust that it ignites your spirit for creative exploration and visioning as well~

inclusive of:

  • all workshop instruction with Patricia, Melissa and Brenda

  • most supplies and materials

  • accommodations in the EncaustiCastle

  • welcome dinner at EncaustiCastle

  • breakfast and lunch on workshop days

  • all the amazing and unexpected discoveries that come from new experiences

Around the dining table:

Around the studio table:

fire and wax fusion-using fire in many forms to set the stage for encaustic beauty

elemental material usage as a means to sophisticated expression and depth resonance

engaging the inner muse to draw in on these new firey options with individual expression

perfecting our presentation with post photo tips and tricks for posting as well as print

luscious inclusion and finishing of photographs with encaustic medium and paint

  • strategizing success: vision casting for the remaining year before us

  • group conversation and feedback

  • determined process evaluation of goal-setting revelations to most effectively carry them into the rest of the year

  • and of course good food and fabulous companionship~ 


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