REFLECTIONS with Ellen Koment and Belen Millan Aug. 16-19, 2016

07 Apr 2016 11:44 AM | Ellen Koment

A study in Visual depth and Textures, and reflections on some aspects of our Spain workshops, and New Mexico culture.

Belen Millan and I have conducted two amazing workshops in Malaga, Spain. I am so delighted that Belen has agreed to join me for a workshop in Santa Fe this summer. I have come to realize and respect the depth and breadth of her work and of her teaching. In respect to our joint ventures in Spain, we have added a couple of new components to our workshop here in Santa Fe.

The workshop will cover a broad range of techniques on paper and panel to create visual depth, texture and patterned effects, including glazing, mark making, incorporation of the photo, use of additional materials such as watercolor, ink, pigments, oil bars and pan pastels, creating stencils, monotypes, small pours, and much more. Each of the artists will do demos and work individually with the participants.

In addition, we have scheduled it just before Indian Market, so that we can participate in some of the many shows and events that happen at that time.

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