San Antonio, TX Workshop Encaustic Sculpture: A Melding of Surface and Form

04 Mar 2016 10:00 AM | Michelle Belto

Participants will explore the intensely rewarding experience of working three dimensionally using traditional sculpture processes combined with encaustic painting. The focus of this workshop will be to create lightweight armatures using polystyrene foam, foam board, wire, natural and found objects with a variety of skins compatible to wax surface treatments.  Students will see demonstrations in all processes and be able to select those that best fit a chosen concept to explore. There will be information and discussion about 3-D design and sculptural engineering as well as mixed media encaustic processes and materials. Participants can expect to take home several sample forms or one completed sculpture.

Participants receive $100 in R&F sponsored materials to use and take home.

 Register at the website: Southwest School of Art, San Antonio, Texas

*The optional day prior to the sculpture workshop will be spent creating paper and cast paper forms for use in the workshop. Learn to make pulp, the basics of papermaking and how to create thick unique papers for your encaustic work.


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