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  • 21 May 2018 10:00 AM | Nancy Crawford
    Monday, May 21, 2018 to
    Wednesday, May 30, 2018
    Expressing Your Tuscan Story:
    A 10-Day Exploration in Encaustic and Photography
    with Nancy Crawford and Oliviero Olivieri
    (10 day program)
    Tuscany, Italy

    Creative Excursions

    What to Expect in your Workshops with Creative Excursions

    A great opportunity for a deep dive into encaustic and photography. This workshop in Tuscany is ideal for those people who already have experience working with the encaustic medium and who are looking to take their image making to the next level – learning to create a series of works exploring one central idea or concept.  In addition to working with encaustic paint and assorted materials used in combination with that medium we will be spending time working through a wide range of sketchbook activities that will deepen and expand your understanding of how to develop imagery, decision making around the elements of design, working with a host of image development strategies, brainstorming ideas for conceptual development and more.

    The photography that we will be doing while on the monastery grounds and out on location will be another opportunity to explore and put into practice many of the principles that we will be exploring in our lessons. Regardless of whether you are shooting with an iphone or a medium format camera, or you are painting with wax or watercolor – finding your story and composing personal and meaning imagery will be the focus of our work together.

    Accommodation and Meals

    As part of this excursion you will be removed from the frenetic pace of today’s world to experience a more tranquil environment.  Sleeping in a simple, rustic former monk’s cell, dining in an ancient hall, and wandering the many paths and roads of the valley will help to create a sense of harmony with the natural surroundings. The former monastery features new modern bathroom facilities that are private but shared by two to three rooms.

    Your evening meals will be prepared by local cooks using delicious, regional recipes featuring olive oil from trees on the property, vino nobile from neighbouring Montepulciano, pecorino cheeses from the local sheep, and fresh, regional vegetables and fruit. Our goal is to create an environment that fosters inner contentment, reflection and focus.

    All breakfast and evening meals will be traditional Tuscan menus prepared at the monastery while lunches will be a combination of picnics on location, and meals at local trattoria and the monastery. Vegetarian fare is also available if requested at the time that you register.


    Creative Excursions

  • 18 Mar 2018 2:08 PM | Ellen Koment

    TAKE YOUR CREATIVITY TO SPAIN with Ellen Koment and Belen Millan. March 18-24, 2018, The week before Spain's Famous Easter Week! Come and Paint for a week, and stay for Spain's renowned Easter Week Celebrations! Visit this beautiful ancient Mediterranean City, Malaga, and allow it to influence your Encaustic Painting. SIX DAYS OF ENCAUSTIC PAINTING, TOURS AND SPANISH LIVING. Malaga, now becoming a new Spanish center for contemporary art.

    Culture and Landscape 
    The beautiful landscape and villages

    Malaga Workshop 
    The 2015 Workshop at the Aplama Gallery, Malaga, artists from around the world..Belén's paintings on the walls.

    Belén Millán and Ellen Koment will teach the workshop, and Belén will introduce you to the art and culture of her native Spain.

    Touring in the Costa Del Sol

    Touring in the Costa Del Sol 

    Friday, June 23, 2017

    Easter Week in Spain!

    There are many different ways to discover Spain: enjoying its coast and beaches, following a route around its various monuments, exploring the countryside, playing sports like golf... However, if you've never visited Spain during Easter week, then you simply have to come. And even if you already know this famous fiesta, it's well worth making another trip, as each region of Spain has its own way of celebrating the event.

    In Spain, Easter week is celebrated with a great deal of emotion. People take an active role in its events and traditions. All day and night the streets are filled with the beat of the drums, masses of colourful flowers, and the consummate art of religious sculpture, all combining to produce a highly moving atmosphere.

    World-famous fiestas

    Easter week is celebrated in every city, town and village in Spain. Nevertheless, there are some fiestas that are especially well known for their uniqueness and beauty, and have received the International Tourist Interest designation.

    During Easter week in Seville you'll see how the "cofradías" (religious brotherhoods) manage to withstand the colossal weight of elaborately decorated statues of the Virgin Mary as they parade through the narrow streets of the old town. Easter week in Malaga includes the ritual privilege of the freeing of a prisoner, and one of the most moving moments of all is when the figure of Jesus Christ blesses the convict. During the Easter week celebrations in Cuenca you can also enjoy the concerts in the Religious Music Week festival, which take place in historic buildings such as the cathedral.

    More about Easter Week

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    Friday, April 28, 2017

    Workshops: Past and Present

    To contact us: Ellen Email   Belen Email

    In October, 2014, we did our first encaustic workshop and tour in Malaga, Spain. 

    Artists from all over the world participated in this event. In addition, we were able to interact with the artists of the Malaga Arts Association, Aplama, which generously allowed us to use their space for the workshop. The local TV station showed up the first day, as did the Mayor, and we were on the European News. A great time was had by all.
    In February 2016, we did it again!! This time in Belen's beautiful studio, and with more time to paint, and more places to see.

    Read about our workshops in the IEA Zine destination workshops

    Malaga has been chosen as one of the top ten cities for 2015 in the world by Rough Guides.... it gives an overview of the city… see the review.  It is now the New Spanish Art Hub!

     Fall is the best time to travel to Europe. No more tourist crowds, good weather and this year as a bonus we have a favorable exchange rate (20% less than last time we did our European workshop!). Airline prices traditionally go down in the fall but new airline competition has brought down prices even more: check out Norwegian Air Shuttle, Airberlin, Wow Air and other international discount carriers (Norwegian has announced rates to Europe as low as $69!). These prices are making it easier than ever hopping between destinations across Spain and Europe -- same currency, short travel distances and unbeatable prices!"

  • 12 Jan 2018 8:31 PM | Jorge Luis Bernal


    632 Agua Fría Santa Fe, NM

    2 DAY India ink, Graphite, Charcoal & Carbon 


    Saturday May 12, 2018

    Sunday May 13, 2018

    10 am  to 4 pm


      This workshop offers artists the opportunity to explore and discover new shapes and ideas while doing several directed exercises using graphite, black India ink, charcoal and carbon. This mark making expressions (gestural marks) help and direct the artist to focus on deeper and thought-provoking aspects of process-oriented abstraction using patterns and emotions as a source of inspiration. These exercises allow the work to unfold by balancing intuition with intention, and finding one’s personal direction while using a variety of simple tools and found objects.

      We will also provide encaustic metallic color sticks and discuss several approaches and painting techniques during the subtractive and additive process application.

      Skills Needed:

      Open to artists at all levels, but basic monotype printing and painting knowledge needed. If you do not have these, or need a refresher, please ask Jorge about private or semi-private workshops a few days prior, to help you get ready.

    Class limited to 8 people

    Cost: $460.00

    Workshop registration at:  

    Doug Mehrens

    or call Adrienne


  • 12 Jan 2018 8:23 PM | Jorge Luis Bernal

    Encaustic Art Institute 632 Agua Fría Santa Fe, NM

    Encaustic Monotype Workshop


    Sunday June 3, 2018

    10 am  to 2 pm

    This class is full of informative and fun exercises designed to help you create outside of your habitual ways of working. To begin, we explore the line, contour line, negative space and expression through a series of directed exercises using carbon, graphite, and encaustic sticks. Then we will look and discuss the power of color to convey and communicate meanings and messages without words.   

    Skills Needed:

    Open to artists at all levels, but basic monotype printing and painting knowledge needed. If you do not have these, or need a refresher, please ask Jorge about private or semi-private workshops a few days prior, to help you get ready.

    Class limited to 8 people

    Cost: $145.00  

    all supplies and tax included

    Workshop registration at:  

    Doug Mehrens

    or call Adrienne 505-424-6487

  • 12 Jan 2018 8:14 PM | Jorge Luis Bernal

    Encaustic Art Institute 

    632 Agua Fría anta Fe, NM



    Saturday June 2, 2018 - 10 am  to 3 PM


    Explore color and design through hands-on exercises using the encaustic medium as a gluing element. Learn the techniques and processes of combining different papers and materials and many of the hot wax possibilities. Individual and group feedback provided, plus a visual survey highlighting the history of collage and its contribution to the arts in the last century. This Mixed Media encaustic workshop will cover composition, color, contrast and form as an organizing principle. We will use My REDBOX to create a series of altered papers (monotypes) with each student’s marks, patterns, texture and designs. Also newspaper, magazines, thread, ribbons and any other materials you wish to explore with are welcome. The class is designed for both beginners and experienced artists. art.

    Cost: $195.00  

    all supplies and tax included

    Workshop registration at:  

    Doug Mehrens

    or call Adrienne 505-424-6487

  • 12 Jan 2018 7:57 PM | Jorge Luis Bernal

    Encaustic Monotype 

    Friday June 1, 2018 - 6-9 pm

    Encaustic Art Institute 

    632 Agua Fría Santa Fe, NM

    This Introductory class will provide an overview of encaustic monotype techniques for artists at all skill levels. We will cover the equipment, tools, paper types, texture, quality and absorbency; managing the plate temperature, drawing with encaustic color sticks and pencils. Also covered: the additive and subtractive process, masking, the monotype finishes and health and safety.

    Class limited to 8 people

    Cost: 125.00 All supplies and tax included

    Workshop registration at:  

    Doug Mehrens

    or call Adrienne   505-424-6487

  • 20 Oct 2017 10:00 AM | Ellen Koment

    BEHIND THE LAYERS: Color and Transparency, THREE DAYS: OCTOBER 20,21,22 

    in SANTA FE

    “It is not enough to place colors, however beautiful, one beside the other; colors must also react on one another. Otherwise, you have cacophony”.         “When I put a green, it it not grass. When I put a blue, it is not the sky.”                                                                                    Henri Matisse

     .     Koment, tryptich on paper 30" x 68"

    At the heart of working with encaustic wax, for me, is COLOR, the wonderful range of glazing possibilities. Using transparent layers of various colors to create new colors, understanding how to achieve beautiful affects with a full palette of color, whether it is soft or vibrant. Color is our most magic tool for conveying an meotional state. For me, it is at the essence of what I do as an artist. I think in color first. Whether you do or not, it is an important part of your process to learn and understand.

    We will talk about mixing our colors, whether from commercial paints , dry pigments, or oil paints. Getting them to the place where they will do all that they can do. Where we can glaze, whether by brush or pouring, to create a harmonious and beautifl color experience.

    We will consider what glazing can do for us, and how to achieve beautiful glaze affects.

    And how to most effectively apply the paints to achieve our goals, whether by small pours or brushing.

    Ellen Koment taught Color Theory at the College level for many years. 

    All materials are included except panels and paper, a list of optional items will be provided upon registration . fee $ $50. materials fee

  • 02 Oct 2017 9:30 AM | Amanda Jolley

    Guest Instructor: Lorraine Glessner
    Date: Oct 2-6, 2017
    Time: 9:30-4:30pm
    Location: Studio Joy, 608 E 30th St, Kansas City MO
    Cost: $815 (includes $65 instructor supply fee)
    Deposit: $375 with remainder due 7/31/17
    Level: intermediate to advanced


    Repeated use of a shape, color or design element unifies composition, creates pattern, rhythm and movement as well as reinforces content. This workshop focuses on the creation of intricate patterns, expressive personal surfaces and complex, multi-layered pieces utilizing and in combination with encaustic painting techniques. With an emphasis on mixed media and mark-making, participants will focus on finding their voice through these new techniques. Methods and materials covered in this workshop include the use of organic and geometric form, realistic and abstract imagery, patterned collage, stencils, candy molds and branding (creating marks with heated metal and wood burning tools). Considerations such as using pattern and repetition as content itself, to tell a story, support and/or strengthen the content message will also be discussed. Optional individual critiques with Lorraine are offered to all participants. 

    For more information and to register:

  • 05 Sep 2017 11:19 AM | Kat Masella

    Event Dates: 9/5/2017 - 9/8/2017
    Location: Northeast Art Workshop Studio
    Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930

    Encaustic Mixed Media:  Line and Grid

    All Levels/In-Studio

    $650  for 4 full days (Includes supply fee)

    Taught from an alternative, experimental approach with daily demos, critiques and discussions of ideas and progress.   

    Lines lead the eye and communicate information through variation in width, direction, density, length and character. They are as integral to any composition as the composition itself. Despite the incredible versatility of the encaustic medium, there is a limit to the techniques available in which to incorporate line. This workshop explores line and linear language far beyond the usual methods and materials to include the use of tjanting tools, masks, drawing with horse and human hair, branding with heated metal and wood burning tools, as well as creating your own grids, laces and lace like forms using free motion sewing machine embroidery on water soluble stabilizer. Also, a bonus demo of  working with candle/incense to make marks.

     The workshop begins with a comprehensive exercise involving composition generation, which will result in several compositions from which to explore these new techniques. Considerations of the use of the grid as a conceptual as well as compositional tool will also be discussed.   FOR FULL DETAILS AND REGISTRATION:


    Artist Bio ~ Lorraine Glessner, MFA Temple University, is a highly accomplished encaustic artist in high demand for her works and her teachings.  Her works have garnered many top juror awards in impressive shows in addition to Nominee, NICHE Educator of the Year award.

  • 28 Aug 2017 10:00 AM | Nancy Crawford
    Monday, August 28th to 
    Friday, September 1st, 2017 
    Order and Chaos, Fire and Ice
    An Adventure in Calligraphy and Encaustic 
    with Massimo Polello and Nancy Crawford
    (5 day program)
    Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada
    The Langley Fine Arts School
    9096 Trattle St, Fort Langley
    Intro to Encaustics

    Join master calligrapher Massimo Polello and artist Nancy Crawford for an exciting week of calligraphy and encaustic painting, exploring the dualities of Order and Chaos, Fire and Ice.

    According to classical science, the definition of Chaos was an “absence of order”. Today Chaos is considered a form of complexity. If we look back to Greek mythology, the Cosmos or Universe was a beautiful, well-ordered whole that arose out of Chaos. Order and Disorder, Cosmos and Chaos are in fact etymologically related. Is it not natural then for us as artists to want to participate in this dance, this exploration of Order and Chaos?

    The Lettera Capitalis Monumentalis are perfect examples of precision and equilibrium; ORDER in the classic and purest sense of the word. Peace and security are conveyed as in the upright columns of a Roman temple. The aim of the first part of the course is to present the Roman letters in their purest forms, their construction, ductus, proportions and spacing, written initially with an ordinary pencil and then with a flat brush, horizontally and then vertically as the first letters were. Even at this early stage of the workshop we might discover that the Lettera Romana is perhaps not as “in order” as it seems, and that its basic shape always depends on fortune, timing and the moment of writing.
    The second part of our calligraphic focus will be on exploring different ways of executing a freer form of writing, freer in the sense of inviting the unexpected, random and fantastic. In essence, a form of writing that is driven by instinct and comes from the “gut” – the place that many oriental traditions believe houses true knowledge. The aim is to encourage every student to develop his/her own technique.

    Finally, we will combine lettere capitalis and free writing, Order and Chaos, through a process of layering our calligraphy with encaustic medium, a luscious surface of beeswax and damar resin. This ancient technique that originated with the Greeks will provide an exciting process for us to continue our exploration of our dynamic dualities adding additional colour, depth, texture and finishes.

    5-Day Program Investment
    $825.00 + GST = $866.25 prices are in CDN dollars; an excellent opportunity for participants coming from the US and abroad.


    Your tuition covers most supplies including papers, wooden panels, adhesives, encaustic medium, oil paint, metal leaf, enamel paints, assorted graphite media, pan pastels, India ink, and more. In addition, your fee includes the use of all studio equipment including grills, heat guns, torches, several brushes, tools and drawing boards. The studio space itself is a large, open space with great ventilation and double doors leading to an outdoor courtyard. Your fee also includes 5 catered lunches.

    Upon registration for this program, you will be sent a small supply list of calligraphy materials to bring along (pens, brushes, some inks and gouache) in addition to a questionnaire to fill out that will help you identify a concept or idea to work with and develop over the course of the workshop. At that time we will also check for any dietary constraints or preferences.

    Accommodations: There are several options for staying close to the studio venue. Please email us to receive an accommodations list.

    Massimo Polello and Nancy Crawford

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