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S. Kay Burnett - President

S. Kay Burnett worked in the computer industry for thirty-four years. During that time, she worked as a scientific programmer, developed interactive software for children, and wrote online documentation. She’s published and presented scientific papers, been a guest artist at the CSU Summer Arts program teaching interactive creative writing, and taught several interactive multimedia workshops.

In 2013, Kay began pursuing her love of art and creative writing full-time. She’s the author and illustrator for “Emails From Paris,” a digital memoir/art book that includes over thirty encaustic illustrations, and co-author and illustrator of “A Gargoyle in Paris,” a children’s picture book illustrated with encaustic sculptures. The original artwork in both of these books were featured in her solo exhibition of encaustic paintings and sculptures at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art.

You can view her work at:

  Melissa Lackman - Vice President

Melissa Morton Lackman grew up surrounded by artists and musicians and has always loved fine art. She took a B.A. in Art fromSeattle Pacific University in 1977, before turning to a career in law. After earning her J.D. from Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California at Berkeley in 1981, she was a full-time litigator for 11 years. She has been directly involved in nonprofit management at the board level since approximately 1995, serving a variety of organizations, both local and national. In addition to her studio practice, she has passion for children’s mental health, children’s arts education, music, language learning, and travel.

You can view her work at:

Mary Jo Reutter - Treasurer

While other kids dreamed of being a rock star or astronaut, Mary Jo Reutter dreamed of the day when she would see one of her own creations on a shelf in the toy store. Mary Jo works as a toy & game inventor and designer with more than 20 years of experience in creating board games, video games, novelty items and interactive media. Her company, You-Betcha Interactive specializes in development, and primarily licenses concepts to larger companies who produce and market the items. Several of her games have won awards, and Mary Jo herself was awarded the industry 2010 TAGIE Game Inventor of the Year award. If you want to play along, she recommends “Even Steven’s Odd” for the family, or if you’re looking for something more “adult,” check out “Midnight Outburst.” Because – everyone needs to play more!

Mary Jo has always been interested in working with new materials. To her excitement, in 2015 she discovered Encaustics. In her professional work she is constantly on the lookout for innovation and new ways to create. As a visual artist, she never before felt a kinship to any particular medium, outside of the computer. With her discovery of encaustics, she felt an instant love, and knew (as far as an art medium goes) she had finally found “the one.”

Instagram:  MJ_Reutter

Bonnie Raphael - Secretary

Bonnie’s passion has always been art.  A native of Los Angeles, she received a BA in art from Immaculate Heart College, formerly located in the Hollywood, CA.  After college, she had a career in finance, working on a trading floor while raising her family.  In 1996, she received an MA in art, with a focus on 3D, from California State University Northridge where she began experimenting with encaustic, adding color and texture to her assemblage and work in wood in Tondo form. She later enjoyed bringing out the inner artist in her special education and at-risk students as an educator in public schools.  Now retired from teaching, she enjoys a full time studio practice, traveling, and spending time with her family.  She is an active artist member of Studio Channel Islands Art Center in Camarillo, CA. Her work in encaustic frequently includes a variety of mixed media.  Her subject matter is often spiritual in nature, as a result of a lifetime of Buddhist practice.  She works in an intuitive way allowing the work to come forth gradually, as Joan Mitchell said, “...I simply want to make a surface work.”


Michelle Robinson - Exhibitions Director 

Michelle Robinson received her Bachelor of Environmental Design in 1991 from Texas A&M University and continued with graduate studies at Texas A&M’s program in Visualization, producing animated short films that were shown at the Walker Art Center, the Dallas Museum of Art, Imagina in Monaco, and The AFI National Video Festival. She has been an artist with Walt Disney Animation Studios for 25 years.  

Michelle Robinson also maintains a personal studio practice, and her current work is a mix of analog and digital approaches, producing physical pieces that examine the home and the domestic as an uncanny space. She recently completed her MFA in Visual Art at New Hampshire Institute of Art and exhibited her thesis body of work at the Sharon Arts Center in Peterborough, New Hampshire. 

You can see her current work at

Shary Bartlett - Co-Director: Social Media 

Shary Bartlett’s encaustic and mixed media paintings and sculptures are held in public and private collections in Canada and the US.  She teaches art internationally and nationally at Capilano University, Langara College and Red Deer College. Her encaustic mixed media work and techniques are published in the books, Encaustic Art in the 21st Century and Encaustic Revelation, and in numerous magazines.  Shary’s curated encaustic wax pigments sets are available through Enkaustikos Paints.

Shary lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. Her contributions to the Board of the IEA are in appreciation for all she has received from the organization and reflect her desire to support artists from around the world who, like her, are passionate about encaustic.

You can view her work at:
nstagram:  SharyBartlett/    and 
YouTube video

Regina C. Quinn - Co-Director: Social Media

Rhonda Raulston Tech Director  

Rhonda Raulston is a Los Angeles based encaustic and oil painter who teaches encaustic painting workshops and regularly exhibits in galleries. Long familiar with the encaustic paintings in European museums, Rhonda finally took an intensive weeklong R&F Paints encaustic workshop in 2004 and now devotes her studio time to encaustic painting.  She brings her experience as the WebManager and website designer as well as her 12-year tenure on the Pasadena Society of Artists' Board of Directors, to the IEA in support of their mission to encourage and support encaustic artists around the world.  She is a member of IEA and the Pasadena Society of Artists. 

  You can view her work at    Instagram:  RaulstonART

Paul Kline  - Member at Large

For me the act of painting is all important: How my body moves affects what I create. Do I use my hand and arm, or do I use the movement of my entire body? I find a painting develops, much like a dance, from one action to the next and the next and so on. I prefer to work rapidly and spontaneously rather than planning my steps ahead of time.

I have been most influenced by Abstract Expressionism and German Expression from the pulse and visual movement of expressionism. I have been painting for more than 50 years, and painting still remains a mystery to me: Filtered through every painting I ever made, culled from every bit of knowledge of color and design, what still emerges is something unique every time.

You can see his work at:


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